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Development of analytical methods - Development of methods for detecting dopants, with emphasis on mass spectrometry and chromatography techniques.

Study of xenobiotics metabolism - Search best analytical targets, observing established metabolic patterns and using alternative models to the human.

Profile study excretion of endogenous hormones - Statistical evaluation of urinary concentrations and blood hormones or biomarkers. Establishment of reference intervals and decision limits configuration exogenous administration.

Molecular organic geochemistry of oil and environmental - Use of fossil biomarkers in biogenic origin studies or anthropogenic organic matter from different sources, such as sediments, air, water, oil and sedimentary rocks.

Petroleômica - Science dedicated to the chemical characterization oil is known as "Petroleômica" Crude oil is considered one of the most complex organic mixtures in the world and has a large associated economic value Hence, it is essential to study the oil and its fractions a.. molecular level in order to correlate and predict their physical and chemical properties.

Molecular and chemical characterization of petroleum derivatives - Analysis of individual compounds, with the identification and quantification of hydrocarbons and polar compounds from crude samples.

Chemical characterization of molecular bio-oils and their derivatives and biomass fuels - the qualitative and / or quantitative analysis of individual compounds, hydrocarbons and polar crude samples.

Chromatography - Application of gas chromatography, high-resolution separation in the solution of problems volatilizable organic substances in different matrices.

Mass Spectrometry - technique application of low - mass spectrometry and high resolution in solution of organic substances identification problems.

Analysis of urban and rural environments - Determination of PAH, pesticides, micro -pollutants and anthropogenic contribution in water, soil and sediments.

Environmental impact assessment of oil spills - Determination of oil constituents in environmental samples.

molecular Stratigraphy

Paleodinâmica of sedimentary basins

of Petroleum Systems Studies

Drill for oil

Exploitation (production) Oil

Analysis of drug residues in food - we develop methods to analyze substances that are part of the scope of the Brazilian National Residues and Contaminants Control Plan (PNCRC)  from MAPA - Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Food Supply - to ensure food safety.

Analysis of substances with pharmacological activity in animal biological fluids - we develop methods for analysis of substances that are used in horses aiming doping control in these animals.

Structure determination of organic compounds  - Application of mass spectrometry to structural determination and synthesis of molecular formula products, natural products and foods.

Development of analytical methods  - Development of methods for hyphenated techniques for determination of components of samples in different matrices.

Analytical Chemistry - Air Monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and semi volatile organic compounds (COSV) in the air, water, soil and oils (oils).

Geochemistry - Characterization of biomarkers in oils of different depositional environments.

Atmospheric chemistry - Air quality monitoring in closed and open environments.

Study of the metabolism of anabolic agents.

Metabolomics applied to anabolic agents.

Endogenous steroid profile evaluation of athletes and sportsmen.

Evaluation of hormone levels by liquid and gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry in Cushing's Syndrome.

Search for new biomarkers for diagnosis of subclinical Cushing's syndrome.

Metabolomic study and research chemical markers related diseases disorder of the human metabolism - Search for new chemical markers for quick and simple diagnosis of lysosomal storage disorders such as mucopolysaccharidosis and Pompe disease, using liquid chromatography and spectrometry of high-mass resolution.

Ambient ionization techniques in mass spectrometry - Development and application environment ionization sources in mass spectrometry for direct analysis of different types of samples.

Metabolomics applied to natural products and food - dereplication study of natural and food products employing modern techniques of analysis and processing of data, such as Molecular Networks.

Prospecting for biomarkers - Using proteomic techniques state of the art to identify biomarkers of certain biological states and diseases.

Prospecting biomolecules - Using proteomic techniques state of the art to identify biomolecules that have biotechnological interest.

Development of methodologies for proteomics - Development of new methods for the identification and quantification of proteins and peptides by liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry, detecting post-translational modifications and fractionation of peptides and proteins.

Quantitative Proteomics - Implementation proteomic techniques the state of the art for relative and absolute quantification of proteins.

Study of post-translational modifications - Implementation techniques proteomic state of the art for detection and quantification of post-translational modifications.

Biomarker Identification omics strategies in biological fluids

Neurodegenerative diseases and exosomes

Molecular Physiology of Sport

Molecular Biology in doping control

Tetraglicosídeo Analysis - The tetraglicosídeo is a biomarker of Pompe disease that besides being an auxiliary tool in the diagnosis of disease serves as a marker of treatment.

Analysis of glycosaminoglycans - glycosaminoglycans are known as biomarkers of disease and mucopolysaccharidosis are used to aid diagnosis and monitoring of enzyme replacement therapy

Pterines analysis - quantification of pterines - the same profile assessment is critical in the diagnosis of atypical phenylketonuria a disease that if left untreated leads to mental retardation and other symptoms, LABEIM is the first Brazilian laboratory to standardize this analysis.

Zebrafish: alternative model of human metabolism research - In many cases, metabolism studies of drugs in humans can face an important ethical bottleneck, especially for not yet approved substances. An emerging model for evaluating metabolism is the zebrafish due to elevated liver enzymes orthology with humans. A continuous validation study of the application model for the different objectives of analytical chemistry and pharmacology is performed in LPDI.

Comprehensive Analysis Spectrometry High Resolution Mass  - approaches based strategies to specific targets in the data processing step is the most common way of interpreting results of liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry, which means that only a limited number of analytes they are considered in the interpretation of a result. In this project, strategies using multivariate statistics and different software with metabolomics approach are used for evaluation and determination of reference populations and identification of analytical targets not described yet.

Development of analytical methods for doping control, human health and veterinary  - Development and validation for the simultaneous analysis of peptides and organic molecules via different alternative sample preparation: solid phase extraction, liquid-liquid and direct analysis of the matrix. Detection by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. The development of analytical methods are performed with accuracy for the detection and characterization of analytes by simultaneously acquiring the positive and negative ionization mode for full-MS fragmentation of all ions and FULL-MS / MS2.

Analysis of abuse and controlled substances drug  - Qualitative and quantitative analysis of drugs of abuse such as cocaine, marijuana, among others , and its remaining chemical components of refining and manufacturing processes. Material Identification seized and sold electronically in order to identify its components and possible tampering.

Chemical analysis of inhalants samples  - Determination of the chemical profile of inhalants samples in order to correlate data with apprehension possible routes of geographical origin of consumption, production and sale.

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Some of our laboratories offer quality services to meet specific demands of the scientific community, private and / or industrial. We have a wide experience in different types of analysis, check below our services associated laboratory.

For samples collected in competition, the panel of test to be performed routinely by the laboratory includes:

  • Stimulants (including cocaine);
  • Anabolic);
  • Narcotics / analgesics;
  • Diuretics and masking agents;
  • Hormones and Metabolic Modulators;

Optionally, the specified client application, the following classes of drugs can also be monitored:

  • Beta-blockers;
  • corticosteroids;
  • local anesthetics;
  • Alcohol;
  • and other recombinant Eripropoietina epoietinas;
  • Biological Passport;
  • hGH;

For samples collected out of competition , the analysis panel includes (unless specifically requested) only:

  • anabolic;
  • Diuretics and masking agents;
  • peptide hormones (HCG, LH).
  • Hormones and Metabolic Modulators;

WARNING: As determined by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), all adverse analytical results will also be reported to the International Federations, the IOC and WADA itself.Extraordinarily can analyze drugs and nutritional supplements. Brazilian law doping control is on the page ABCD , as well as an updated list of banned substances.

Urine doping control and plasma race horses - Analysis 500 substances among which the substances belonging to the list of Fédération Equestrian Internationale (FEI) and Racing Commissioners International (ARCI) in urine and blood horses by LC EM aiming doping control in racehorses.

Anabolic analysis of animal urine - analysis residues of anabolic agents in animals urine samples by LC-MS / MS and / or GC-QQQ in order to support the waste monitoring programs of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply to They attest to the quality of food sold domestically and exported to the various trading partners.

Chemical analysis and amino acid paper chromatography screening for inborn errors of metabolism - evaluation by qualitative chemical tests, the presence in urine of amino acids, keto acids, sugars and glycosaminoglycans

Paper chromatography of amino acids- semi-quantitative analysis of amino acids

Oligossacaridoses research and mucopolysaccharidosis - evaluation by chromatography of oligosaccharides, sialooligossacarídeos and glycosaminoglycans profiles suggestive of storage disorders.

Determination of micro volumes by gravimetric method

  • Calibration: micro pipette
  • Calibration: Micro Syringe

Determination volume by gravimetric method

  • Calibration: automatic pipette
  • Calibration: automatic multi-channel pipette
  • Calibration: volumetric and graduated pipettes
  • Calibration: pycnometer
  • Calibration: Syringe
  • Calibration: Bureta
  • Calibration: Balloon
  • Calibration: Becker
  • Calibration: Erlenmeyer
  • Calibration: Test Tube

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Sampling of organic compounds in air- sampling with charcoal cartridges and XAD volteeis of organic compounds using low - volume pumps.Sampling semi-volatile organic compounds with quartz filter with high volume pumps.

Analysis of Organic Compounds in Air- Air Analysis by Gas Chromatography Spectrometry GC-MS pasta and related techniques.

Soil sampling - Sampling using auger and / or shaft.

Analysis of Organic Compounds in soil and / or sediment - air Analysis by Gas Chromatography Spectrometry GC-MS pasta and related techniques.

Oil Analysis - Analysis of biomarkers by GC-MS.

Characterization of complex matrices- Determination of sample organic compounds by chromatographic techniques coupled to mass spectrometry and mass spectrometry -high resolution.

Courses and training in chromatography and mass spectrometry - Preparation of theoretical and practical nature of courses for the academic community encompassing different chromatographic techniques and mass spectrometry.

Analysis of contaminants and by-products - Discrimination of unwanted compounds in oils, solvents, fuels and reaction products using different techniques coupled to mass spectrometry or without chromatography.

NEMO is the union of teachers and researchers from LADETEC / IQ with the aim of promoting research, education and extension services in providing analysis omics areas and mass spectrometry. It has a modern technology park and a strict quality control delivering reliable and reproducible results.

Check here all that NEMO can offer for your search.

Forensic Geochemistry -  geochemical Evaluation oils and derivatives as the origin and degree of maturity biodegradation by studying the qualitative and quantitative composition of the present biomarkers and correlation with tamper cases, deviations material and environmental accidents. Search for new chemical markers.

Drug Abuse Analysis and Designer Drugs -  Qualitative analysis and / or quantitative samples of drug / esigner drugs (Profile Chemical - Fingerprinting) using chromatographic techniques coupled to mass spectrometry and mass spectrometry of ultra-high resolution ( Orbitrap-MS).

Tampering analysis of fuels and refined products -  Qualitative analysis and / or quantitative fuel samples and derivatives suspected of tampering. Use of experimental design and classification chemometric methods to generate faster and more reliable results.

Adulteration of beverages - Qualitative analysis and / or quantitative beverage samples suspected tampering with the chemical composition. Use of experimental design and classification chemometric methods to generate results faster and reliable.